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You're in safe hands with our plumbing company 

V I Hains Plumbing & Gas Services offers a full guarantee on all our work.

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Our guarantees

V I Hains Plumbing & Gas Services: 

1. Will not overcharge customers under any circumstances.
2. Will not carry out any unnecessary work.
3. Will not suggest any work that is not needed.
4. Will not over charge for time spent acquiring materials.
5. Will not charge a mark-up on materials exceeding 20%.
6. Will not charge for time spent away from any job and will inform customers whenever leaving a job.
7. Will not charge for non-work-related phone calls or engage in them during working time where an hourly rate applies.
8. Will not charge for time or hours not actually worked.

9. Will not delay presenting customers with invoices showing a comprehensive description of work, with a full breakdown of labour and materials.

"Vaughan fitted new radiators in my flat and he also came out to test my gas cooker and fix a leak at very short notice. The service was extremely professional and at a fair price. I found Vaughan’s work to be of very high quality and he is a real professional who takes pride in his work. Also very tidy which is a bonus! I highly recommend V I Hains Plumbing & Gas Services for any gas and plumbing work."


Guarantee invalidation

• Theft, malicious damage, or accidental damage to your boiler or central heating system.
• Failure to follow manufacturer's instructions.
• Cost due to the result of corrosion or water damage.
• Any cost to gain access to your system.
• Replace appliance and upgrade.
• Repairing or replacing any lead, steel, or central heating iron pipes.
• This plan will not be valid if any information you have given is false, inaccurate or exaggerated.

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